The challenges that american troops encountered during the vietnam war

When Japan surrendered to the Allies at the end of the long summer ofAmericans were ecstatic. It has become a significant agricultural exporter, the third largest oil producer in Asia and an important manufacturer of clothing, textiles and computer components.

The primary weapon the Vietnamese used was the AK, a cheap and easily made Soviet assault rifle. In addition, many American soldiers used hard drugs during their service in Vietnam. Then you begin to feel like maybe it isn't something you should talk about.

What did the US do for Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Bythe U. Many of our troops were draftees who did not want to be there. Peasants in the South, in contrast, tended to be better off. The US also gave the S. We had not been really attacked.

From rationing food to collecting scrap to buying bonds to fighting in battle, the efforts to defeat the Axis were a product of the collective American will. What the f—k are we doing here? But many other veterans began to question the war and their own actions in it.

Though essentially a civilian militia, the Viet Cong also had a significant number of men who were highly trained and well drilled regular soldiers; consequently, they saw themselves as professionals.

Many riots occurred throughout navy ships as well as in black infantry squadrons. These chemicals included tear gassmoke screens, napalm a highly flammable form of jellied gasolineand herbicides chemicals used to kill plants or prevent their growth.

5 Postwar Challenges

We just mutilate bodies. Although there had been millions of troops through Vietnamthe constant dying and injuries of soldiers took a toll on others. Internally, thedevastation from World War II and from the civil conflict with theNationalists was immense: Adverse weather events, particularly floods in the late s, only worsened these problems, as did a downturn in foreign trade and imports.

These countries made the war into a different animal than it would have been with the advanced weaponry, training and troops. Doubts about service After returning to the United States, many veterans continued to support American military involvement in Vietnam.

Most of the POWs were treated badly. PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by a traumatic experience, such as fighting in a war. The American Soldier in Vietnam andAfter. Late 60's early '70's sounds about right; along with "have a nice day. Watching protest marches reminded some veterans of their own marches in Vietnam—those endless, exhausting, and dangerous humps.

Though trained to follow orders and disregard external factors, most American GIs were acutely aware of the tremendous difficulties they faced. We had two president, L. Byseven years after the reunification of Vietnam, aroundpeople were reportedly still detained.

The climate was very humid and wet and the jungle itself was very dirty with rain being extremely prevalent through Vietnam. S claimed that this was the time that blacks in America would earn their respect and place in society. Soviet-made artillery, grenades and mortars were also used, though they were in much shorter supply.

Post Vietnam faced many challenges.Jul 03,  · But the U.S. military itself was not always the envy of the world and had to reinvent itself after the Vietnam war. By the end of the Vietnam war.

What were the biggest challenges of fighting in the Vietnam war? Update Cancel. ad by ThoughtSpot. Why did the United States lose the Vietnam War?

Terrain, the climate and an almost invisible enemy were the biggest challenges faced by the GI. Fighting in jungles is always challenging for any soldier, in Vietnam the problem was.

In the US, increased casualties and higher taxes to support the war lead to great public dissatisfaction and a growing anti-war movement. In Januarythe Tet Offensive began a new phase with savage attacks on the cities of South Vietnam. Problems Faced by Soldiers During the Vietnam War, American’s fought primarily in the jungle.

The clima te was very humid and wet and the jungle itself was very dirty with rain being extremely prevalent through Vietnam. It was also publicized after the war by Dow Chemical, which erroneously hypothesized that the symptoms of Vietnam veterans after the war were due Meliodosis, not Agent Orange.

Agent Orange in Vietnam. Added to all other risks in Vietnam, military operations commonly included use of pesticide and herbicide spraying. Coming Home: Vietnam Veterans in American Society W hen the American soldiers returned home from World War II inthey were greeted as heroes in the United States.

Cities and towns across the country held parades to honor the returning veterans and recognize the sacrifices they had made.

The challenges that american troops encountered during the vietnam war
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